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"Sheepdog Software" is a one man band. I taught for 20 years, but stopped working for an employer some time ago. While teaching, and since, I created various programs, which I offer to you via this site.

Some are for helping learners, but not all.

This site, and the installation process for some of my software, could do with a lot of work. However, much of the software, once you get to it, and get it set up, is, if I may say so, worth the effort. And it only costs you your time to test my theory.

Much of my software is true freeware. You install it. You use it. No time limits, etc.

The rest is honest shareware. It does not have time limits, etc., either. You get to see what my program does, and then you decide if you want to pay for the full product. Take, for example, my program to help children with "5 x7", "6+3", etc. when you download and install it, it will "work"... but the free demo only asks addition questions. It only uses the digits 0-6. If you buy a key, you don't need to reinstall the software; you just put a small text file on your hard drive, and that "turns on" the program's full features. In the meantime, forever, it will still "work", giving addition questions up to "What is 6 + 6?".

Something special about many of the programs from Sheepdog Software: Many of the programs are flexible. I don't know what your learner... who could, of course, be you, needs to learn! I offer a program for learning things from images. The demo version puts a photo of a bird on the screen, and three buttons below it, e.g. "Crow", "Mallard duck", "Robin". You click on the button you think gives the bird's name. Get it right, and you go on to a new image.

"But!," I hear you cry, "I don't care to know bird's names!" Fine! You can change the program to help you learn any such thing... maybe names of people you need to know?... just by putting a set of images on your hard disk, each image named with what you want the button to show.

Many of my programs are like that. They let you adapt them to present the material you want to learn.

And... as I said... not all of my programs are "just" for learners. There are programs to encrypt sensitive files, weather monitors, programs to turn lights (etc) on and off, for amateur stock market investors, database apps...

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