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Freeware and shareware- Arithmetic and Mathematics

.... other than 3+4+?, 8 times 6 =? type programs.
      For programs to help users with those skills, click here

Timed eliminate-the-pairs exercise E
Freeware drill to strengthen skill with protractor & coordinates E
Program for creation of your own exercises E
Shareware arithmetic word problems exercise E
Freeware order-of-digits practice E (Very young children)
Help with learning to do Long Multiplication E
Early (raw, but free!) version of Nuclear Power Station game E
Arithmetic Word Problems... for DOS! (For old times' sake! All others are for Windows.)
Answers to frequently asked questions

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Programs marked 'E' are primarily educational... but fun as well, if presented correctly!

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These programs are all only for Windows or MS-DOS

Page contents:
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    b) Individual program details and DOWNLOAD link buttons

If your circumstances allow a 4 megabyte download, you can collect almost everything on offer from Sheepdog Software in a single zip archive. There is a simple text file in the root of that archive to tell you about what is in it, how to install things. There's also an installer to move the programs to your hard disk and set up shortcuts, but you can just install individual programs, if you would rather.

N.B. Some other pages of freeware and shareware from Sheepdog Software (tm)....

Freeware, shareware NOT on mathematical topics.
Freeware, shareware to help users with 4+3=?, 8 times 6=?, etc
Freeware, shareware using additional hardware, e.g. 1-Wire chips.
Freeware, shareware to help you pass a private pilot's license exam.

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Individual descriptions and download buttons start here

"Eliminate-the-pairs" exercise

Originally a program for learning vocabulary for foreign languages, this program is just as capable of helping mathematics students. Two columns of words or short phrases appear. Users try to find the pairs. For example, find the pairs below....

three sides ...         square
four sides ...          3
square root of 9 ... triangle,
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There is a more extensive description of this program, and a link for downloading it is on that page, also.

Freeware to strengthen user's skill with protractors, angles & co-ordinates

The computer asks the user two draw two angles on a piece of paper. The user must then identify the coordinates of an intersection of two lines. The computer tells the user whether the job has been done correctly.

If you use this, please send an email with impressions?

You can run the program immediately, but you will enjoy it more (and you'll be able to see your score) if you register for a key. You can get one now or later. If you want one now, send email saying "Please send key for TMA39-Protractor." You must also send a name that will be displayed when the program runs, within the words "Licensed for use where <NAME> present or employed".. e.g. "G.Atkinson family", "Mrs. Smith's pupils", "Pomfret School". If you supply an eddress, I will email you the key, usually within a day or so. Alternatively, please provide a self addressed stamped envelope.
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Click here to download game You will get a zip file. If unzipping is a problem, send me an email. Other problem? Please report, quoting "AG"

Known to work properly with XP... as I believe all of my programs do. This one tested by me under XP, and found to be fine.

Click The Right One

The free, unlimited use, demo has a set of phrases in which some are true and some have errors. The user works at spoting the right ones. The program can be given phrase sets to help users master many topics.

Did you spot the error in the first sentence of the previous paragraph? If not- try this program!

The program puts four phrases on the screen. Clicking on the right one brings up a new set of four to examine. If the author of the phrase set has included feedback, then when the user clicks on a wrong phrase, that feedback is displayed.

The freeware version of the program does not keep score, and you are limited to the supplied demo files of right and wrong sentences. Look at MGA11q2d.txt for some examples of using the program with mathematics. If you buy the key for full registration, you can compose your own phrase sets. (You just type them into Notepad (or similar), putting an 'r' in front of right phrases, and a 'w' in front of wrong phrases.) Examples which might be useful in a mathematics lesson. (Forgive me being contentious and including the first phrase as an example of something that is "wrong". Don't worry, I wouldn't inflict that challenge on every pupil!)

wSquares are not rectangles
rRectangles have four 90 degree corners
wParallelgrams are rectangles
r5 x (2 + 6) = 40
w(5 x 2) + 4 = 40
r5 x (582 / 52) = 42

The registered version adds score keeping and allows you to use files you have prepared yourself with phrases to suit your needs. $25 or GBP 16 (British pounds) for single user license, or for a named person's use with groups under his/ her direct supervision.

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Click here to view a screenshot.
Click here to download program. It is in a self-extracting zip file, created with WinZip 8. It will (only) unzip into the files it contains. It asks what folder you want them in.
Problem downloading, etc? Please report, quote:AmHEXE. 'Email me' buttons at top and bottom.
Click here to download program in .exe form. This is the same (see previous) self-extracting zip file, created with WinZip 8, but saved as MGA11SU.exe in case that suits you better. You should save it to your disc, log off the internet, check it for viruses and then run that. It will unzip the files it contains. It asks what folder you want them in.
Problem downloading, etc? Please report, quote:AmH_X. 'Email me' buttons at top and bottom.

Arithmetic Word Problems

Presents questions such as....

If George had three frogs, and lost one,
how many would he have left?"

Having used my DOS version of this with my pupils for years, I created this Windows version for them. (The DOS version is still available.)

User feedback: The program puts a row of twenty empty circles across the top of the screen. They become red and green dots as the user answers questions. When the user has done 21 questions, all the dots move to the left, and the record of whether the first question was answered correctly or not "falls off the edge of the page". Many users are motivated to try for a complete row of green dots.

You don't have to "install" this program. You just run the file which downloads when you click the link below. That gives you the .exe file for the word problems program.

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Click here to download zip archive with program...Problem? Please report, quoting "AI"

Known to work properly with Windows 7 and XP... as I believe all of my programs do. I belive they also work with Vista and Win98.

Freeware Order-of-Digits Practice

The digits 0 to 9 appear on the screen. The user tries to click on them in ascending order. The digits disappear when correctly clicked, until the screen is cleared. A timer is provided for the parent or teacher who wants to see how the child is doing.

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Click here to download game...Problem? Please report, quoting "AK"

Known to work properly with XP... as I believe all of my programs do. This one tested by me under XP, and found to be fine.

Help with Long Multiplication

Screenshot of TMA18

An application to help people who "know how" to do long multiplication... but need to be more fluent.

No bells or whistles, not fun... just good, useful hard work for someone wanting to master a boring but useful skill.

A zip file is what you get if you click the download link. You only need to "unzip" the two files into the folder of your choice... the Desktop will do, but I'd recommend putting them someplace more logical... perhaps a folder called TMA18L in a folder called SheepdogSoftware in your "Program Files" folder... and then creating a shortcut for launching the program. As with all Sheepdog Software products to date (11/12), it does not write to your registry, etc. And what you download isn't a "setup" file... it IS what you need, the .exe and a supporting .txt file.

This bit of shareware is unusual for something from Sheepdog Software in the somewhat aggressive "nag" screens. Once you can see that the program works okay for you, please either stop using it, if you don't wish to pay for it, or get in touch, explain your needs. For use in one family's home the charge would be $8 (£5) for a license, if you pay via a PayPal account backed by a bank account, not merely a credit card. (Paypal's charges and hassle for me preclude accepting credit card backed payments.) Personal checks... US $ or British £... fine.

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Click here to download...Problem? Please report, quoting "AL"

Known to work properly with XP and Windows 7... as I believe all of my programs do. This one tested by me under XP and Win7, and found to be fine. (The techies among you may be interested to know that it was written with the free, opensource, multi-platform Lazarus... well... an older, Delphi, version of the program was re-written using Lazarus.

Free (if 'raw'!) Nuclear Power Station game

This program for Windows (3.1 or higher) gives you a chance to try running a nuclear power station. Can you make lots of electricity... without getting too greedy, overstressing the plant, and blowing everything up?

The program works, but it is at an early stage of its development, and has many refinements to come. Freeware, though!

It requires a fair amount of mental arithmetic. The user doesn't so much have to come up with exact answers, as 'feel' the way numbers are progressing.

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Click here to download .zip file with ready to run .exe (not an installer, just put it where you want it, set up a shortcut), and a help file in the form of an .htm document... double-click on it and view in your web browser. Problem? Please report, quote:AM

A page of help on how to play the game is online.

Screenshot of SIM02

Known to work properly with XP... as I believe all of my programs do. This one tested by me under XP, and found to be fine. However, there were problems with the documentation at one point.

Arithmetic Word Problems

Presents problems like...

If George had 5 sheepdogs and gained 2 more,
how many would he have?

There are addition and subtraction problems. The text and the form of the question varies. This is 'slim-ware'... it does one small job elegantly. Perfect for pupils with a few spare minutes at the end of a lesson, especially in classrooms with just one or two computers.

The Windows version of this, see above, doesn't have all of the frills of this version, which used to run under Windows, like many good DOS programs. However, at 7/11, under Windows XP, this wouldn't run easily. If you find out how to make it run, I'd welcome the information! (I tried setting the file's compatibility mode. No joy, sigh.)

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The only difference in the options below is how the .exe is packaged.

- - Best > > > Download TMA12a2.EXE... Problem? Please report, quoting "AW1"
- - Alternative > > > Download .zip file... Problem? Please report, quoting "AW3"

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