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Freeware and shareware for Windows and DOS

(This is the 'home site' for all of these programs... not a link farm.)

First visit? Please visit introduction to Sheepdog Software Freeware and Shareware?

Software to help users with non-mathematical things

Software to help users with "4+3=?", "8 times 6=?", etc

Software to help users improve other mathematical skills

Freeware, shareware to help you pass a private pilot's license exam.

Software for various things, but requiring some extra hardware
(e.g. Parallel port, Arduino, or 1-Wire chips on a MicroLan)

Top Products, drawn from several of those sub-indexes:

Reading Skill Exerciser.  * Pairs Matching Exercise.  * Learn to SEND Morse code  * Learn from images.  * Word Game- BuildAWord.

All of these programs brought to you by Sheepdog Software (tm)

At 4/15, someone suggested that material "here" was "Misleading, Unrealistic, or Untrustworthy". They were referring to "my" material "at" www.arunet.co.uk

Well, first of all, I presume am just one of many, many people with pages hosted off of that root domain. It belongs to a long-existing commercial internet web page hosting service. I only control the 200+ pages below www.arunet.co.uk/tkboyd/

I've exchanged a number of emails with the concerned party, trying to understand where they see something "Misleading, Unrealistic, or Untrustworthy" in my pages. I have asked them to point to a specific page, but as yet, they have not done so.

So... perhaps it is the material just below this discussion, they don't like? (The material offering you an "omnibus" download.)

In hopes of making them happier, let me spell out something I thought was obvious: The "omnibus download" I talk about just below, is simply something for your convenience, if you want to use it. You can get the same materials... in some cases in more up to date versions... by cruising around the different pages at my site, fetching them one at a time.

When asked "What's "Misleading, Unrealistic or Untrustworthy" the concerned party started saying I needed "terms and conditions". Well... here's a "condition": you must stay honest and decent. Don't take a copy of one of my programs, and then start selling it as your own work. Here's a "term": The software is offered "as is". I know nothing of your computer skills. If, while you are trying to install, review, uninstall, investigate, use, make available to others to use, think about using, my software Something Happens, then I accept no responsibility for Your Mistake, What Happened Howsoever Caused, etc. I do not put viruses or other malware in my software.

Now... some of you are honest and decent people, and weren't going to do what I said anyway. And some of you are not, and will do it anyway. And some of you will make mistakes with your computer, and think it was done by my software which YOU CHOSE to put on your machine. And you are free to come after me with a lawyer, but I'm not going to be very interested. And I may be a Bad Person who HAS put malware in my software, but now there is a "term" on my website that says I haven't, so maybe that's okay then.

Seriously, folks. If you see something in my pages that you think is bad, please tell me!

If you know a way to Do Something when you see something Really Bad on the internet, please tell me, so I can do that myself the next time I am ripped off by an eBay seller, etc, or by someone not paying taxes.

Other than that, I hope you will try to spread word of the things on offer here, if you think they are of any merit. People can't benefit from things they don't know about.

If your circumstances allow a 4 megabyte download, you can collect almost everything on offer from Sheepdog Software in a single zip archive. There is a simple text file in the root of that archive to tell you about what is in it, how to install things. There's also an installer to move the programs to your hard disk and set up shortcuts, but you can just install individual programs, if you would rather.

I do, perhaps, tend to make things too complicated! If you take all of the program folders from the archive above, and put them in C:\Program Files\sheepdogsoftware, then you can use my December 2009 attempt to tidy up and simplify. That attempt is an archive of shortcuts and descriptions. They can be put where you want, and will work if the programs are put where a moment ago I said to put them.

To uninstall something, if it was one of the ones provided as a "simply create a folder, put this in it" program, you delete the folder that was created for it to "live" in. If it was installed with one of the whiz bang, who knows what it is doing to your computer, "installer" apps, then you should have an "uninstall" choice in the menu. Please let me know if you find an exception to that.

Click here for Sheepdog Software's email address Your thoughts welcome!

I do not insinuate spyware in my programs. (Click here to learn about the dangers of spyware.... as bad or worse than viruses.)

My programs respect your system: they do not tamper with your settings, your registry, dump files in obscure or dangerous places... etc! Generally speaking, you can put them in the folder of your choice, and everything connected with the program will be in that folder, or one subordinate to it. Exception: Due to customer demand, some of my programs are now delivered in "InstallShield" "wrappers". InstallShield puts a .dll in the folder the software goes into, and, I think, makes a registry entry. Both are connected with the un-install option introduced by InstallShield. Some of my software downloads are WinZip created self extracting archives. When they are, they let you decide which folder to put the software in. (Sheepdog Software FAQs)

A longtime paranoid skeptic, I have until now eschewed Facebook... but I finally was dragged, kicking and screaming, into giving it a try. I'd be grateful for any "Likes" for the following. (The rest of this site about the freeware and shareware I offer is below the Facebook badge. Sorry.

Sheepdog Software
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