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The primary purpose of this page is to advertise my Delphi tutorials. I can't remember when I began them, but the splendid shows that, the main table of contents page, was already around in December 1998. (The index page is now at

As you'll see from the tutorials, I am very happy with Delphi. What you won't see is how UNhappy I am with Windows and Microsoft, especially the direction that out-of-control monster is headed of late. (I won't start on my opinion of the government's failure to act.) BACK TO THE POINT.... although I have to admit inadequate research (so far), I strongly suspect that if you are trying to get started with Kylix, Borland's "Delphi for Linux", then you will find the Delphi tutorials useful. Any feedback on this point would be welcome! Here is how you can contact this page's editor.

If you have any interest in simple Pascal programming for fun or for schools, OR if you are interested in microcontrollers, OR if you are interested in electronics, again at the hobbyist or school level, and wondered if you could combine switches, sensors, outputs, actuators and computers (at a reasonable cost)... then I have a great page for you! Please click here to lean more!


Most of the rest of this is links to web pages which have caught my eye as possibly of use to Delphi programmers. Many are "well known" sites of longstanding. Some are more obscure, perhaps less "solid", but I thought they deserved mention anyway!

Programmer's heaven You can download free programming files, source code, tools, etc, for many languages and technologies, including Delphi, VB, C/C++/C#, .NET and Java.

DelphiLand Delphi tutorials for beginners and intermediate level programmers, Delphi projects with commented source code, components, Delphi book reviews, forum (versions in English and Dutch)

Torry's Delphi & Kylix How can any site that starts with a link to puppies ((March 02, anyway) Torry's!) be bad? 8300 things to download is pretty cool, too.

Delphi Tips-N-Tricks Mostly Delphi. They have a forum, too.

No longer working, 5/07: Frank's Delphi Lessons are excellent. I very much hope they are still available somehwere on the net! Go Google!

No longer working, 5/07:, Kochini's site. Interesting page from Georgia... not the one north of Florida. Plenty of links, including to places with Delphi source code.

Delphi Game Programming

Swiss Delphi Center Kylix, too.. as with many sites, but this one mentions the fact. (In English, German and French versions)

Abakus (In English and German) (Some serious components, and some freeware for Delphi 1 & 2. Also what looks like a carefully managed links page.Good for virtual instrument components, and other things.)

Delphi Super Page (made in Poland!) Says it has 6700 files for Delphi programmers, and 25k visitors in 6 days in March 2002.

Of course, it is perhaps silly of me to try to reinvent a wheel already available in a very professional version. If you want a good list of Delphi tutorial links, it would probably be hard to beat.....

Google's DIRECTORY entry for Delphi tutorials. We're quite used to using Google to SEARCH, but don't forget they have directories and a newsgroup archive / posting mechanism.(For more on what a newsgroup is and how to benefit, see my guide to usegroup / newsgroup use.)

There are other directory-type listings, etc, from..... (You have to enter "Delphi" in the search box), and

Out of place: I would like to lay claim to the invention of a new word: "eddress", i.e. email address.

Also: A little idea for you: If you are making a note of a URL with traditional tools (ink on paper!), then for, just write "w" with a dot under it, "thingie", and then a c with a dot over it. Won't save a forest, but try it.. I think you'll like it!

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