Internet: Newsgroups (aka Usergroups) and Mailing Lists

Helpful Hints for Users of Newsgroups and Mailing Lists is my more polished page on this subject. I'd try that first, if I were you!

This material is not 'polished'!!

As I surf the net, I come across various things that I wish someone had told me about. In theory, one day it will all be available in the polished sections of my website. In the meantime, if you're willing to 'dig' through some disorganized material, you may be rewarded with 'gems'!

In some cases, the text is snipped from other sources. Therefore, among other things, the personal pronoun may not refer to the editor of this page. If, on the other hand something is identified as coming from 'TKB', he IS the pages's editor!

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