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Inexpensive carrier for dual optocoupler

This page describes a small PCB you can buy, to permit the simple and robust hook up of an opto-isolator (aka opto-coupler) in whatever project you have that needs one.

If you don't know a lot about optocouplers yet, I have a page for you!

Eventually, you will be able to order the PCB from OSH Park, about $3.30 inc p&p... but the minimum order is 3 boards.(If you need this board NOW, contact me.) If there is interest, I will consider selling kits with a board and the parts to populate it.

If you want to remember this for later, or share the URL, http://tinyurl.com/OptoCouplerBreakout is another way to get here.

The following image was created using the prototype. The OSH boards are professionally made...


The PCB carries one MCT61-type opto coupler...




( v v (more further down page) v v )

Schematic, and typical off-board connections...


Output side...


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