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This page is for people who will be in the area of Chichester, Sussex, England.

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I was a teacher for 20 years. I've used computers longer than that. I am now self-employed, and one of the things I do is provide help with computers, and private tuition or edutainment.  Details, and a special offer to schools of installation of some free software can be seen by clicking here. (There is a button on that page to bring you back here.)

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Have you ever tried....

Going to the cathedral for choral evensong? You can sit at the back of the nave (near the west end) and you can slip out if you don't like it or have appointments. Alternatively, don't hesitate to make your way to directly under the spire where you will be welcome, and will be able to see what is going on. 5:30 most days in the school term time. Not on Wednesdays, Thursdays. Sunday: 3:30. There's a noticeboard with details of service times at the north-east corner of the cathedral green where you can check if everything is normal on a particular day, or email me. (Button for that at bottom of page.)

Know a child (5-7 years old) who enjoys music? Be sure the parents have at least considered whether a chorister's life would be right for him. (Or, elsewhere, for her). There are sacrifices, of course... choristers work on Christmas, for example! But there are also immense rewards- financial and in character development. (There are no 5, 6 or 7 year old choristers, but by 10 they are too old for a normal start.)

Know French? Want some fun?

A club meets in the evening in Chichester to have a good time. Each week they have a competition with a variation of the word game Scrabble... in French! The variation is Duplicate Scrabble which is perhaps more fun than classic Scrabble, but which is in any case particularly suited to group play. (Details at link below.) The luck of which tiles you draw is removed from the game, you stand or fall on your own efforts, but you still play against everyone in the room. Beginners welcome... and they need not worry about letting anyone down because teams are not involved. Scrabble details

Chronic Breathing difficulties??

You can find out more about a project with a Chichester presence by visiting my Good Causes page.

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