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(This page is for people living in the Chichester, Sussex, England, area.)

 I was a teacher for 20 years. For many of them I taught computing, up to A-level. I now do other things, among them private tuition and helping people with their computers. One of the great joys of working for myself is that I am not constrained by 'company policy'. Below, I set out some things I know I can do. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want something similar... I won't waste our time if I can't help.

There's a button for emailing me at the bottom of the page.

What does it cost? Nothing to explore your needs. Unless stated otherwise beforehand, I leave it to customers to tell me what our first meeting was worth to them. (But I don't expect to spend time on 'free trials'). After that, fees are by negotiation, reflecting the level of help you need, my interest, when you want to meet, and where you live.

If you feel that you would benefit from advice on the finer points of using the internet, email, etc, feel free to contact me and we can arrange to meet... either someplace near Chichester, e.g. Sainsbury's cafe, or at your home or business.

How much is your time worth? I'm sure that you can eventually master all that you want to do with the internet... but wouldn't it be worth paying for some help to master it quickly?

Click here to contact me.

Consultation * Edutainment for Children * Lessons in Programming

I can bring a computer with me for housecalls to people still wondering whether a computer is for them, or for 'Edutainment' calls, but I don't sell computer equipment. I do sell software... see the special offer below.


 Your computer was expensive. What do you want from it? Are you getting it?

 Do you have a sufficient grasp of the general principles?

 Are you wondering 'What would it take to....?'

 Would you like to review your computer related procedures to see if there are ways to increase productivity or reliability? FREE ADVICE: Your computer WILL crash someday. You will lose what you have on the hard disk. If it doesn't crash first, it can always be stolen. Are you ready for this setback?

 Do you need a spreadsheet set up, a database organized, a program written?

 Edutainment for Children

Have Fun

 I won't waste my time with 'zap, zap, shoot 'em up' games... but...

       There are many educational or brain building programs which are worth getting to know.

       Individualized arrangements are available to create whatever blend of 'just fun' and 'education' parents wish to provide for their children.

       Please don't tell the children... but what I would do would exercise their brains. One activity that I particularly recommend is flight simulators... and I can bring non-violent or military versions... but the latter are more popular, and they make the user work harder. Free "trial flight" for parents who doubt the mental exercise afforded.... seriously!

By the way... please don't create embarrassment for the both of us by asking me to leave copies of copyright material on your machine.

Lessons in Programming

You know how people learn to play the piano? Why shouldn't computer programming be studied the same way?

Help is available to you at a variety of levels, from Logo for eight year olds to assembly language for fifteen year olds... or older pupils! Modern wordprocessors, spreadsheets and databases can also be programmed.

Taking an exam with a programming component? Why not get some extra tuition?

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Looking for email, domain registration, or web site hosting? If you visit 1&1's site from here, it helps me. They host my website, and I wouldn't put this link up for them if I wasn't happy with their service. They offer things for the beginner and the corporation.

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