Computing and Educational Services

(This page is only useful to readers who live near Chichester, England.)

 I was a teacher for 20 years. For many of them I taught computing. I now do other things, among them private tuition and helping people with their computers.

I offer....

Lessons in Programming * Edutainment for Children * Consultations

Chichester PC Help gives details of my computer taming and training services.

Chichester PC Kids gives details of what I offer to parents, schools and to people wanting to learn computer programming.

Link to my main site's homepage.

Click here to contact me.

Special offer: If you, or someone you know, work in a school within an hour's drive of Chichester, I will... for no charge... go to the school to set up some shareware and freeware. Most of it you can read about by clicking here. The computers must run MS-DOS or Windows. I even have programs which will run quite happily from floppy discs on a pre-Windows PC.

Looking for email, domain registration, or web site hosting? If you visit 1&1's site from here, it helps me. They host my website, and I wouldn't put this link up for them if I wasn't happy with their service. They offer things for the beginner and the corporation.

Ad from page's editor: Yes.. I do enjoy compiling these things for you. I hope they are helpful. However... this doesn't pay my bills!!! Sheepdog Software (tm) is supposed to help do that, so if you found this stuff useful, (and you run a Windows or MS-DOS PC) please visit my freeware and shareware page, download something, and circulate it for me? Links on your page to this page would also be appreciated!
Click here to visit editor's freeware, shareware page.

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