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This material is not 'polished'!!

As I surf the net, I come across various things that I wish someone had told me about. In theory, one day it will all be available in the polished sections of my website. In the meantime, if you're willing to 'dig' through some disorganised material, you may be rewarded with 'gems'!

In some cases, the text is snipped from other sources. Therefore, among other things, the personal pronoun may not refer to the editor of this page. If, on the other hand something is identified as coming from 'TKB', he IS the pages's editor!

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See this for full details of the wonderful world of internet
newsgroups / usergroups... but if you are looking for information about
a topic people might be discussing... visit DejaNews for archives of recent
(and older) conversations.

Deja News, main site
Deja News: Power search form
New users....

a) Make use of ctrl-C and ctrl-V... they are quick, easy keyboard shortcuts
for 'cut' and 'paste'... invaluable for 'entereing' URLs

b) Find out about Alta Vista, the search engine

c) Find out about 'DejaNews'... a place to see what has already been said
on topics which come up in newsgroups.

d) If you are looking for freeware or shareware, perhaps the biggest repository
is SimTel. It isn't the answer to all needs, but it is something you should know

Guide to using internet by Odd de Presno

If you want a good FTP package, I recommend....
Terrapin Internet Ltd
Salisbury Chambers, 2 Albert Street, Harrogate,
North Yorkshire. HG1 1JG. England
Tel: +44 (0) 1423 530 860

This came to me as an email....

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>> Someone E-mailed me an Excel file for me to help him debug it.
>> A small portion of it is listed below. How can you get Excel to
>> read this in? How do I convert it into a normal .xls file?
>First, save the message to a disk, as text.  Then, run a decoder
>program.  There are many shareware programs available (go to
> and search, if you don't already have one).

Another good decode/encode package is WinCode 2.6
It is freeware, by George Silva, Snappy Co.

Let's do something about it. Read all about it on our homepage.

Consumers Against Piracy

Beatrice's Tech Tips at is a quick and
friendly column for new users and folks that want to know how to make the most
of their computer and internet connection.  You can find information and links
for topics like avoiding viruses, joining email lists, secure shopping, freeware,
shareware and online chats.

Tech Tips is updated every Tuesday, and you can always check the archive
of articles.

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