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Electronics for schools and hobbyists: Reference

Links to places with pinouts, chip function descriptions, electronics industry manufacturer's websites, etc.

A great magazine for hobbyists

I've had a lot of fun, learned a lot of electronics from the British magazine Everyday with Practical Electronics. The articles by Robert Penfold have hit my interests especially well.

www.amasci.com/amateur/elehob.html: a bunch of good stuff for hobbyists and teachers. Extensive. Organized.

For equipment, ideas, and "how-to"s for home control, have a look at...

(bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://www.bass-home.com/ where you'll find information on access control, alarm systems, CCTV, intercoms, phones, etc.

One complaint: The site seemed not to work unless you access it with a Microsoft browser.
The rest of this material is old, but there may still be gems within it!
There's a newsgroup discussing making your own computer... NOT ASSEMBLING Wintel boxes from components like motherboards, drives, etc... at comp.arch.hobbyist. Use DejaNews to visit it, even if you are not a regular newsgroup user. In which case, see my guide to newsgroups)

Visit (bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://www.pitt.edu/~olgst another enthusiast's page if you want information on electronics, robotics, and a couple of similar topics.


Looking for data on components? Try..

(bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://www.scruz.net/~gcreager/brief.htm, for 'Scruz'
(bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://www.crhc.uiuc.edu/~dburke/databookshelf.html

For 4000 series CMOS, check SGS-Thomson, Harris, Philips, Motorola, and (of course!) National.
(Technically, National's digital stuff is now Fairchild's - same Web site for now).
For TTL, check all the above, plus Texas Instruments.
Note that Motorola likes to add the "MC1" prefix to standard CMOS numbers, so a 4049 would be a MC14049.
There's also John Haddy's links page for manufacturers:
(bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://www.mpce.mq.edu.au/~johnh/semi.websites.html

Here is a site with a ton of pin-outs etc...
(bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://www.blackdown.org/~hwb/hwb.html


Index of Electronic Manufacturers on the Web

(bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://pw1.netcom.com/~dwsmith/index.html or (bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://www.netcom.com/~dwsmith/index.html === Electronics site which gives you links to more than 700 electronics sites from... (bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://www.electronicsforu.com/efyhome/cc.htm"
(bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://www.electronicsforu.com/efyhome/ee.htm === Visit THE ELECTRONIC GUIDE if you need information about : + Semiconductor manufacturers + Newsgroups + Mailinglists + Software
The address is : (bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://www.kpnvandaag.nl/planet/~bema ===
Visit (bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://www.national.com/catalog/Mass_Floppy.html National Semiconductor's site.

You can get the data sheets about Microchip PICs in .pdf format from the Microchip web page.

Yahoo pointed me to... the CTips site.

Pinouts, etc: at (bad link at 7 Feb 2010): http://sunsite.auc.dk/hwb,Sunsite's page.

Archive-name: sci/electronics-search-faq

Electronics Search FAQ - POINTER
(Bad link 2/2010): http://www.eetoolbox.com/srcnet.htm


Finding Electronic Design Information On The Internet

This FAQ focuses on sources of information useful for electronics
and electronics design. It lists meta resources such as EE search
engines, FAQ's, Web resources, FTP sites, publications, trade
shows, and conferences. It identifies all major EE publications,
and it explains how to use the Internet as a tool for practical
electronic design. Please email suggestions to comments@eg3.com.


ALL include active WWW links to the relevant resource


-- FAQ's and Technical Reports: Finding Them
-- USENET: Searching for Groups and Searching USENET
-- World Wide Web: Major Search Engines

-- Conferences: Locating Conferences on EE Subjects
-- FTP Sites: Finding Source Code and Software
-- Mailing Lists
-- Publications: Major EE Publications & Web Resources
-- Smart Semiconductor Search: NEW Search Engine, Searching
ALL major (embedded) chip vendors

-- Books, Libraries, Bookstores, etc.
-- DSP Resources
-- EE Hunter: One Interface/Multiple EE Search Engines
-- Embedded Systems Index
-- Industrial Embedded Computing
-- Microcontroller/processor Internet Index
-- Miscellaneous but Meritorious Search Tools
-- News and Sources for EE Related News
-- Realtime and Software Development
-- VTS Buyers' Guides by Topic Area

-- Artificial Intelligence
-- Ada
-- Assembly
-- Books
-- C Language
-- C++
-- (Tele)Communications
-- Compilers
-- DOS/Windows
-- Employment
-- Emulators
-- Engineering
-- FAQ's/Tech Rpts.
-- Forth
-- FTP Sites
-- Mailing Lists
-- Networking
-- News
-- Object-Oriented
-- Publications
-- Robotics
-- Shareware
-- Software Eng.
-- WWW Search Engines
-- 411 Marketplace
-- Windows/DOS

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