Gold Cup

With all your preparations for the Gold Cup, safety may not be the first thing on your mind. However, after many years of having a specially trained doctor at every match, Cowdray Park Polo Club has decided to have paramedic cover only.

In response, Dr Bradstock-Smith has been asked to provide additional expert medical cover by fifty teams playing at Cowdray, including many teams playing in the Gold Cup. 

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If you wish to take advantage of this service too, the details are as follows:

Specially trained and fully equipped
immediate care doctor:

110.00 per match

The cost is reduced to just 55.00 when playing against a team that is already a client of mine, and includes any treatment provided on the ground including analgesia and suturing etc. In other words: there are no hidden extras.

You might like to know that Dr Bradstock-Smith was the Medical Officer at Cowdray Park Polo Club for seven years, and has been the doctor at over 2400 polo matches, including all the High Goal at Cowdray, and treated over 600 polo injuries, giving him possibly more experience of polo accidents than any other doctor or paramedic in the country.

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Examples of what this cover provides, over and above that provided by Cowdray Park Polo Club, include:

  • the most advanced life-saving skills that can only be performed by a trained pre-hospital doctor, e.g. tracheotomy

  • other specialist skills unlikely to be provided by ambulance crews, e.g. replacement of dislocated shoulder, removal of stubborn foreign bodies from the eye etc

  • prescription-only drugs including the strongest pain-relieving injections such as diamorphine

  • suturing on site and not having to travel and wait at A&E instead

  • expert medical assessment of minor injuries on site

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