Polo injuries requiring treatment occur at the rate of about one every four matches.

Most injuries are minor but polo can occasionally be a very dangerous sport.

Injuries are typically caused by being hit by the ball, stick or horse's head. Falls are also common and can be more serious particularly if there is associated head injury or fracture or if the player is trampled or rolled on.

High goal polo tends to be associated with more serious injuries than low goal polo - probably because it is played at a faster speed.

Typical injuries include bruises, muscle strains (especially adductor strains - the "riding muscle"), small lacerations especially around the face, head injuries leading to loss of consciousness and inability to maintain an airway, concussion, and fractured bones particularly the collarbone. Foreign bodies in the eye are also common.


Rarer injuries have included ruptured femoral artery, massive facial injuries, eye injuries, fractured scapula, dislocation of forefoot, dislocated shoulders and ruptured biceps.


Injuries can be minimised to a certain extent by wearing the best protective equipment, in particular a good helmet with a full face mask would make the greatest difference.

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