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As I surf the net, I come across various things that I wish someone had told me about. In theory, one day it will all be available in the polished sections of my website. In the meantime, if you're willing to 'dig' through some disorganized material, you may be rewarded with 'gems'!

In some cases, the text is snipped from other sources. Therefore, among other things, the personal pronoun may not refer to the editor of this page. If, on the other hand something is identified as coming from 'TKB', he IS the pages's editor!

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The Shareware Author indeX lists some 2100 shareware products, and is maintained by over 900 of the best-known shareware authors worldwide. Because of that, entries in the SAX are always current and accurate.

If you are looking for products, need to find a shareware author, or would like to find registration details and on-line registration forms, be sure to check out the SAX: Click here

The SAX is a virtual index - its keyword-based search engine simply takes you to some of the best resources on the net for shareware: the author's own home pages, ZD Net reviews, CNET's download.com, and a wide range of registration services (Kagi, NorthStar, PsL, RegNet, and ShareIt). Browse for thousands of shareware-related links in the SAX.

The SAX is not affiliated to any of the services it links to. It is neither a download site nor a registration service - it only brings you to them!

The SAX - the reference site for shareware home pages on the Internet.
(SAX gives you a well run, easy to use site where you can post notices of what you have on offer. See my entries!... search for Sheepdog Software, and accept the link to the author page. (tkb))

Shareware Author's indeX also offers the SAX Post:

This is a FREE service for shareware authors.
•It distributes announcements for you by email.
•Any webmaster can subscribe to receive SAX Post announcements.
•Detailed announcements will be distributed the instant you post them.
•Webmasters also have the option to receive periodic summaries.
•Webmasters can choose to receive only specific types of announcements.
•All announcements are publicly available on the SAX web site.

Programmers: If you have a game and want it listed
in a selected directory, visit:


Visit The SHAREWARE.NETwork at http://www.theshareware.net
for product listings, downloads, reviews, news, FAQs, bug
reports and more.

Provides free listings to software developers.

Offer competitive banner ad rates, button rates,
and other advertising options.

Send press releases to press@theshareware.net.


The freeware/shareware site contains the latest additions from the

Authors can submit their software and it is immediately available.
Automatic notification of downloads with other "view" statistics.

Visitors can also advertise their programming skills or programming


Shareware registration service:

For another option, check out the Registration Service at www.RegSoft.com.

We have been in business for over 1 year, and have over 7,000
shareware authors.

We only charge $3 per transaction if your software is under $30.
If it's over $30, we charge 10%.

Customers can use a major credit card through our secure server to order.
We also have a toll free number they can use to order, fax, and
email as well.  We are also building a database of shareware and
will be distributing a CD.  Its a great way to get your shareware out.

- Rob Zino (sales@regsoft.com)

Moderator of the Shareware Authors Board...

The following looks good, but I must warn you that the author has
been involved in a VERY long and tedious slanging match with some
ASP people in a newsgroup.[tkb]

SUBJECT: Diskette Authoring Tool FREE to Shareware Authors

I've developed a utility many shareware authors have found
useful, so I'm offering it FREE to others as well.

R-Format replaces the standard floppy disk format so it no longer
hangs the system during start up when the  diskette is left in
the  A:  drive.

Your own embedded graphic and text are displayed and the system
then boots normally.  The diskette is otherwise identical to the
original, so it functions and duplicates like any other.

You supply your own graphic and text, so that choice is yours.
Company logos, school emblems, product trademarks, club insignia
etc. are just a few suggestions.

Please try R-Format from my www url. If you can make use of it,
contact me by e-mail for registration FREE with my compliments.

Doren Rosenthal

Author of R-Format, one of "The Rosenthal Utilities (tm)"


Besides SAX, I also like SAN.... 50,000+ pieces of shareware in their index, and they accept postings sensibly. Click here

Places to visit if you want to promote your own shareware. What follows began as a raw list of 31 URLs from a usergroup posting. I (tkb) have been working my way through them, and many seem to be high quality, useful sites. The ones marked 'Not sure' are worth a try, judging from the ones I've been to.

There is a range of 'user friendliness'.. one site simply asks for your URL, and then they do the rest. Others want your mother's maiden name and a host of other information for each program you want to list. Before you dismiss the more tedious services, don't forget... if you are to be found by the people you want to be found by, they need a way to get just you out of the hundreds of similar products.
None of the following beat 'SAX' or 'SAN' (see entries above) for a great balance between vendor and seller convenience. I can't tell you how well known (i.e. well visited) SAX and SAN... but they deserves publicity, if you can provide it.
Good... sensible level of information demand
Good. You fill in a form for each program
I liked this one. You send them program-by-program information
This looked like a good site.. but you have to fill in lots of info about each program.
Tucows... you send them an email to ask about submitting
Not sure
Not sure
I liked this one. You send them program-by-program information
You have to download add-ons if you're on IE 3.0, (maybe just standard 4.0)
Not sure
Good site! You let them have your URL, they look through and index what you have.
Crashed my IE 3.0 when I refused a cookie
'Not found' when I tried this... but that does happen... you too? It may be there, be good
Okay... just a simple list, though, I think.. no search engine.
Not sure
Not sure
Not sure
Not sure
Not sure
Not sure
Not sure
Not sure
For 32 bit software only.
32 bit Windows s/w only
Not sure
Ideas about distributing (publishing) a program:

Everyone probably has their own method to distributing programs nowadays,
but here's one that's pretty simple.


This page will give you detailed instructions on uploading your program
to a managed FTP archive like SimTel or WinSite. In my opinion it's the
best way to go. The down-side (maybe... tkb) of a managed archive is that
they will package your program into a CD-ROM at the end of the year.
But the upside is that you'll have your program mirrored on FTP sites
all around the world (at least 50 or more), plus it will be available
on SHAREWARE.COM, the site I work on, and our sister site DOWNLOAD.COM.
The decision is yours!


========================================= Programmers' opinions about shareware Survey results available ========================================= As a shareware author, you may be interested in this: I ran a survey of 1175 programmers about their opinions and use of shareware programs. I have written a report on the results from the shareware author's point of view. Some of the key findings were: 1. Shareware is known and used amongst programmers. Programmers are quite ideal customers for shareware programs. 2. Five factors were found to reduce the likelihood to buy shareware: * People don't try a lot of new shareware programs * Perceived risk * Personal values * Lack of good programs * Difficulties in registering. - Price image was not significant (Surprise surprise! Read more!) The survey did not find that the mentioned problems are necessarily very bad, because in general, programmers were good potential customers for shareware. However, I assume they are worse in some other customer segments. 3. North Americans had the most experience in buying shareware. 4. Difficulties in registering prevent some people outside North America from buying shareware. 5. There were interesting differences between agreement / disagreement to the statement "Using unregistered shareware is sometimes acceptable" Read the whole study at http://www.aivosto.com/vbq8/vbq8.html (click on "shareware" if you are not interested in the other topics of the study) Tuomas Salste === If you are a software programmer looking to get your programs exposure on the Internet please contact Sixth Star Software and we will be happy to review your program and post our findings to our web page. We also offer to include your program in our software CD-ROM library which will be available for the public to purchase. Thank You Sixth Star Software Sixth Star Software E-Mail : Rpent001@aol.com Web : http://members.aol.com/rpent001/index.htm Member of The Internet Link Exchange === Major resource for shareware vendors... lots of links to vendor services: http://www.pcisys.net/~jason/shareware.html === Hi! I just wanted to let you know, that I recently started a new homepage on the Internet. On this page I collect tips and hints for shareware and freeware authors. The goal was to give you a (cross platform) database full of links to software archives, CD-ROM manufacturers, magazines, etc. http://www.GeoCities.com/SiliconValley/Pines/8031 === I am looking for software for the newest CD my company is releasing. If you are interested in having your programs included on this CD ROM, e-mail me at: andypatton@aol.com === A very useful multi-site 'announce yourself' service... www.stpt.com/general/submit.html -for link promo ('Starting Point') === If you want your shareware site listed, take a look at http://www.voyageronline.net/~drcello/sharelib.htm, and let me know. === Hi fellow programmers! All you independent programmers can promote their freeware (or no-nag shareware) products. No costs. Complete freedom to determine the contents of your software page. Henk Hagedoorn, freeware@bigfoot.com http://www.freebyte.com ==== doren@slonet.org (Doren Rosenthal) wrote: R-Format Offered Free to Shareware Authors For a limited time, shareware authors and publishers are offered R-Format which replaces the standard floppy disk format so it no longer hangs the system during start up when the diskette is left in the A: drive. An embedded graphic and text message of your choice is displayed and the system then boots normally. Very dramatic, and the diskette otherwise functions and duplicates identically. Company logos, school emblems, product trademarks, club insignia etc. are just a few suggestions for the full color VGA graphic. Makes a great banner. R-Format is included as one of "The Rosenthal Utilities (tm)" and is being offered for a limited time FREE to any shareware author, publisher, distributor or vender who can make use of it. Please try R-Format (R-UTIL01.ZIP) from the URL shown and contact the author for free registration at: Doren Rosenthal doren@slonet.org http://slonet.org/~doren/ === Hi, I have made a site for developers. I have a download area and a register for developers all around the world. It's of course free!! /Marcus (sonic@algonet.se) http://www.algonet.se/~sonic === On some newsgroups there are comments that with new debugging tools it is kid's play to find the critical "if then" clauses from the limiting part of any program code. Replace them with adequate NOP or JUMP commands, and have a good laugh. Turbo Power software has released Ongaurd, a set of native VCL's for D1 and D2 to prevent this. Very powerful and easy to use. You can limit users to days to run, serial number validation, number of users on network copy, etc. You can mix or match, or make up your own scheme. check it out at http://www.turbopower.com ---- In a similar vein, for D1 users there is a hacker protection component called Grudge on Super Page, registering cost only 1 USD. It claims to be a hard piece for crackers. === INSTALLERS & ZIPPER....... An installer I've used and like is described on my main 'programmers' page..Click here for that. A freeware zipper I've used and like is Zip 2.0, Adler, Wales, et al. Search for DOS programs, search filenames & descriptions for 'zipper', and filez will give you lots of download options. The 'right' zipper comes from 'Info-Zip'. From my check of that, it looks like there's a zip2.1 available now. Click here for FileZ. : I Need a free, or at least very cheap installer. : Any suggestions? Chief's Installer Pro. Works perfectly under Win 3.1x, Win95, Win NT, and Win-OS/2. Supports long file names and 32-bit registry functions under Win95 and NT. The Chief -------- Dr. Abimbola A. Olowofoyeku (The African Chief) Email: laa12@keele.ac.uk Author of: Chief's Installer Pro 3.10 for Win16 and Win32: Winner of PC PLUS Magazine Gold Award (April 1995 U.K. edition) http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/African_Chief/ ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/win3/install/chief310.zip === ... or try Custom Installer at www.wp.com/dolphin/ci.html it's not free, but it is inexpensive. (Shareware, $25) Christopher di Armani diarmani@axionet.com === ... or... since everyone else is putting in their $0.02, try Setup Factory 4.0 from www.IndigoRose.com. (listed as http://www.IndigoRose.mb.ca/indig elsewhere) My company makes the program and folks seem to really love it. Regards, Brett Brett@IndigoRose.com I (tkb) visited Indigo.Rose. A FAQ dated Feb 13, 97 explained the following.. a) The program will only RUN on a 32 bit system, e.g. Win95, or Win 3.1 IF Win32s is installed. However... it CAN be used to create things to install themselves on 16 bit systems. b) [gnash, gnash.. (that's my teeth)..] The FAQ doesn't give the registration cost. I hope it appears elsewhere at the site.

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