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As I surf the net, I come across various things that I wish someone had told me about. In theory, one day it will all be available in the polished sections of my website. In the meantime, if you're willing to 'dig' through some disorganized material, you may be rewarded with 'gems'!

In some cases, the text is snipped from other sources. Therefore, among other things, the personal pronoun may not refer to the editor of this page. If, on the other hand something is identified as coming from 'TKB', he IS the pages's editor!

Ad from page's editor: Yes.. I do enjoy compiling these things for you... hope they are helpful. However.. this doesn't pay my bills!!! If you find this stuff useful, (and you run an MS-DOS or Windows PC) please visit my freeware and shareware page, download something, and circulate it for me? Links on your page to this page would also be appreciated!

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Here to for material for educators, including some other freeware, shareware.
Here for some typing tutors.

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Sick of Bill Gates running everything? Want DR-DOS, with personal netware? (Like MS-DOS) Want other NON-MS stuff, reasonable prices, as shareware? Go to:


From a "been on the web for a while" author:

Dinosaur puzzles, trivia game and dinosaur database...http://cascoly.com/dinosaur.htm

Triple Crown --free online horse racing simulation http://cascoly.com/games/triple1.htm

Steve Estvanik http://cascoly.com

21st Century Sailing - Win 95 Simulation Game $25.. looked good. Also: Animated knots!


Hex Mines - Windows Game

Hex editor.. (Though I'd recommend Textpad for hex editing because it does so much other, as well, all very simply for modest cost. I'm using it to edit this web page, for instance.)

Handwriting fonts... taken from various people known to history, Abraham Lincoln.. plus some weirdos.
http://www.killerfonts.com The REAL Handwriting !

Air traffic control simulators:

Tower was once published by BAO , I think around 95 or so. There is also some information available about ATC Sims on this page

Under Simulation / Apollo you will find a vendor for the Tower Program.

Excellent, if you can find it: Tracon. (A "toy" created by cutting down a commercial ATC operator training package.)

Links to selected windows95 freeware

Freeware/ shareware site, with an interesting twist: When new software is submitted, newsletter is sent. A list of subscribers is automatically informed, with a links to the software.


A simple program called dirnotes allows you to easily do this All you have to do is place the program in the path or directory and you can print out the data file it creates.
It's a nifty program
ftp://ftp.pc.ibm.com/pub/pccbbs/dos_util/dirnotes.zip [ems valid. Contents of download not checked] [get m/r list of directory contents]

Some shareware utilities and general eccentricity.... http://members.xoom.com/Knightmare2k

C:\SHAREWARE's TOP 200 SHAREWARE LINKS is now open. Visit the Top 200 for the latest shareware links. Add your link today!

The URL is: http://www.win-shareware.com/Links200.html

Borje Hagsten (Member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) ) offers...

TOLKEN97 v3.2: language-translator, texteditor, dictionary and vocabulary-test, all in one good application.


Is there a search engine that will search the shareware sites for a particular program? I have difficulty finding some of the programs I hear about and have to go from site to site hoping that it may be there.

You could have a look at this listing:

It is part of the weekly posted FAQ in this newsgroup:

It contains many search sites, indexes, shareware collections, etc.

The following new files have been received at C:\SHAREWARE.
Visit http://www.win-shareware.com to view and download.

ViewSAFE Encryption Utility v1.8 (265) - View, Edit, & Create self-decrypting files
X-Com: Interceptor Demo - Take to the stars to fight the alien threat.
*Word Warp v1.4a - Fun and educational word game for Windows 98
PC-Duo 3.72 - Remote Control software
Alphatris v1.1 - Arcade word game. Mix of Tetris and Scrabble
Wincontrol 1.1 - Windows control buttons (Screensaver,Shutdown)
Word Warp v1.4 - Fun and educational word game for Windows 98
aVirt Gateway Server v3.0 - Simple, yet powerful proxy server/
BookLock 1.3 - Bookmark manager: Import, print, much more...
!OfficeView Pro 1.07 - Automatic LAN In-Out Board and message center
Spanish Helper for Windows 2.3 - Excellent Spanish vocabulary building program
JokeMan 1.3 - Free Joke program for Win95
SolSuite 98 - Solitaire Games 2.00 - SolSuite 98: h-q collection of
Solitaire games
32++ PC Guard 1.0.1 - FREE 32++ PC Guard freeware system windows 95
Visual Day Planner Win95/98/NT 6.01 - An easy to use award-winning desktop calendar
ReconMail 98 v1.1 - A functional email notification application
Click and Paste v1.5 - speeds up surfing by eliminating repeat typing
TypingMaster 98 4.0 - Touch-typing tutorial with a Revision Wizard
SiteKiosk 2.01 - Public-proof kiosk browser with touchscreen
Clock-O-Matic v1.0 - Protecting computer geeks from tardiness.
CambuNT BETA 1.00 - Launch applications as a different user.
NETPage V1.0 - Internet pager, like instant messaging.
GrafEq 2.04 - A relation grapher for high-school math.
HTV v1.1 - Hypertext composer viewer that mimics winhelp
CTFax Standard 1.30 - Fax server NT/95 single modem 10/unlimit users
CTFax Pro 1.30 - Fax server up to 128 modems/unlimited users
Stealth Ping 2.0 - Keeps you connected while surfing for hours!
EasyHelp/Web 3.0E - WinHelp and html Editor
Internet Commander 2.0 - Easy Web Search, Manage bookmarks
ScreenIT! V1.0 - Automate your Screen Savers by day,date, time
CD Manager 3.0 - Music CD collection database.
Password Policy Enforcer v1.0 - Password security policy for NT networks
VT Magic 3 2.0 - A set of 3 system management tools
ToggleDISKSPACE v2.0.3 - Clean up your disk drive the easy way.
BS1 Professional 1.0 - Time Billing and Accounting
Dragons 2.0 - Tournament style Mahjongg Solitaire game.
CTFax Lite 1.30 - Fax server for single modem and single user.
Path Minder 1.1a - New version, self-improvement software
WindowPictures v1.1 - WindowPictures metamorphoses Win95/98 !
SIARCG!'s Display OCX v1.0 - OCX for screen manipulation.
Baseball Predictor 1.0 1.0 - Baseball Predictor. Predicts Baseball games.
Ringo's Desktop Helper 2.0 - Handles all things graphics and multimedia
Jonggy 1.51 - The card game of the ancients.
WinProxy v1.4 - Proxy/firewall/mail server for Win95/NT
Net Track 1.0 - Personal finance management.
Web Address Extractor 1.02 - URL Address extraction program.
Greyhound Race Simulator 2.04 - Greyhound race simulation program.
Shareware and Graphics Tracker 1.02 - Tracks files on removable drives, hard disk
PrintDirect 3.0 - . With speed and accuracy PrintDirect display

You sometimes see requests for a URL where Turbo Pascal can be downloaded.

It is a fully commercial program. So, if you see locations, or a copy sent to you, please report to piracy@spa.org (Software Publishers Association anti-piracy department).

There ARE free Pascals (see www.arunet.co.uk/tkboyd/prgmr1fc.htm), but you can't get Turbo Pascal without paying for it or stealing it.

You can download 3 top-rated typing tutors/games from:

-----Gateway to 2,400 software titles for free evaluation.

Rapidware is proud to announce that you can now sign up to recieve regularly updated copy of absolutely FREE Rapidware Shareware CD-ROM. Just visit our site at:


This site contains detailed information about FREE Rapidware Shareware CD-ROM. This site also contains information about placing your shareware or freeware program on our CD-ROM. Just visit us and forget about long and endless downloads. Also tell your friends about this opportunity and help us spread the word.

Mikhail Gershkovich
Vice-president of
Marketing and Advertisement
Rapidware Shareware CD-ROM

The following is an excellent search engine, if you are trying to find a particular bit of shareware...


So is...

FTP Search Engine

shareware sites link page...

Get Turbo Pascal Programs, for Windows 3.x Shareware:

We download new programs DAILY (10 a.m. EST) from more than 300 sites all over the world.

Check out the new programs everyday in the "TODAY'S FREE COMPUTER PROGRAMS" section on the all new JUMBO! --- bigger and faster than ever with over 200,000 files and programs --- more than 1.8 million links --- including a HUGE multimedia section with sounds, graphics, videos, streaming music, VRML, animations, clip art, icons, shockwave, screen savers --everything! ---


Claim to be 'Leading the shareware revolution'...
Contests and downloadable software, maybe some online games too....

A freeware/ shareware flight simulator: Warbirds (WW II) You can d/l either version 1.11 or the new and improved 2.0. You can get them at


The d/l is free, and you can play head to head for free over the internet. If you start an account w/ iMOL you also get 5 free hours online!

Over 20 pages of freeware downloads:

A few years ago I had a DOS program which displayed where daylight fell on a flattened out graphic of the World....

Maybe 'Geoclock'? There is a version that runs under Windows 3.1 or 95 here:


... or perhaps:


... or there is a free option available via the World Wide Web from Starfish software. There are two versions, MS Explorer Active X version and a Netscape plug-in version.

Both are available from the following links:

MS Explorer EarthTime Active X (free!):


Netscape EarthTime plug-in (30 day trial):


A collection of old arcade games, such as Battlezone, Joust, Donkykong, Frogger, and the like. (NB NOT all in resource reported...)


If you make flowcharts, organizational charts, technical drawings, or any kind of business or science diagrams, you may want to try SmartDraw.

It was voted "Best Business Program" at the 1997 Shareware Industry Awards, and it's very easy to use.

An Educational Edition is available to schools and colleges.

You can download a free copy at:


Backgammon Galore has links to everything available:

Shareware search engine and reviews


The UniverseSoft Archive is taking software submissions. We have an automated submission page to make it convenient for you the shareware author. And it is Free!.. and a place to search for s/w.


'Micrometric' shareware information:

The Freeware Hall of Fame was founded in 1989 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. Our purpose is to encourage programmers to write freeware and keep alive the hobby side of all this.

Periodically we issue suggestions for programs we see a need for. Then we work with authors to debug the programs and get a bug-free finished product. Our FreeHOF BBS is the distribution point. 804-293-4710.


[tkb not tested...] Our direct download section carries over 5,000 titles - we welcome shareware, freeware, or demos - at no charge.

Check out http://www.gamesdomain.com to see the Direct Download section

Cynthia A. Sorrels, Kids Domain Editor Games Domain

[tkb: won't let you in if you reject cookies] Check out Thunderbeam's site (http://www.thunderbeam.com) for over 2,000 titles and expert reviews of the software. You can try free demos and shareware so you find the title that's appropriate for your child's interests.

The site also has cool links to astronomy and "adventure" sites.

Are you ready for something Different ?
Are you ready for games that are non Violent and lots of fun ?

Check this out !

Our Home page is waiting for you at:
Freeware too !

Shareware products... not the main business of the source: Click here

[These looked good to me when I visited the site (TKB)...]

Wonder-Soft has new games for the Entire Family !
Our games are all NON violent and lots of fun !
Take a look at our web site and download away !
Click here

Big list of shareware sites, and a list of freeware ONLY sites:
Click here

I have converted several shareware programs to freeware. They do many useful things, such as:
1) edit, cut, paste files in binary mode up to 2 gig in size on network drives
2) use Novell fileserver calls for copying
3) view printed reports in 132 column VGA mode, page by page
4) neat utilities for building complex batch files from dir scans and byte string search
5) bookmark editor to merge Netscape and Explorer
6) replacement for XCOPY and NCOPY with many options such as file exclude, ERRORLEVEL exit, and report generation for completed backup
7) others

I plan on adding more once I add a little documentation to them.
Click here

Taken from the site's publicity....
"What's the difference between SharePaper and other software sites? Many software sites offer impressive amounts of programs to download. Both high and low quality software. SharePaper, however, reviews and rates (on a scale from 1 to 5) the best software only - never risk your wasting time downloading crap again! You'll also find tips, game cheats and lots of software related links here."
Click here

Shareware Author Network.. search index, (etc?)
Click here

Shareware libraries
... links to many shareware/ freeware search engines.
Click here

Shareware Music Machine..
Programs and files of music
Click here


Text is extracts from a newsgroup post....
"(at my site) are some DOS programs I wrote, free of charge. They meet specific needs I have. Each is the actual EXE file, and there is no installation process. Documentation exists as an option within each program. Rather than attach a description file with each, descriptions can be read here. Invoke each program with /? as an argument for brief help.

"Make regular visits here. Programs are updated and new ones added. If you have a problem with any program, or would like to suggest an improvement, email me at mcdivitt@iamerica.net with your comments. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

"David G. McDivitt assumes no responsibility nor liability for any use of these programs.

"In the interest of keeping the DOS shareware industry in general, and our little segments of it in particular alive, Lindsay Wells and I have created a list of shareware authors and download sites which deal either exclusively, or almost exclusively with DOS-based shareware software."
Click here

Shareware search engine, and services for shareware authors
Click here

The following claims to host the most comprehensive list of each day's new Internet software releases, all free to download. There is also a good search engine, and links to many others, including 'FILEZ' which is worth a visit if you're after shareware.
Click here

The following gives information about freeware and shareware Turbo Pascal programs:
Click here

I'm told....

"Some Useful Programs (and some less so!) All are free and not shareware or crippled, and designed for Windows 3.x but ran ok when tested on Windows-95. (All are in .ZIP format; all include a 'readme' file).

"EASTER.EXE, (Ver 2.2) will calculate the dates for Easter in any year and provide dates of several other 'festivals' and details of the Psalms appointed for any day.

"TIMETILL.EXE, Ever wondered how many more years, days or even minutes till you go on holiday, retire or some such ? Or, perhaps how long since your last cup of coffee or payrise ? Timetill will keep you informed automatically if you put a copy in your Windows' Start-up group. This version allows up to FIVE Events.

"WINSPLIT.EXE, (Ver 1.3) will split any large file, (Max about 140 MB), into smaller sections (Default 1.44 MB) to fit onto floppy discs. It also generates small DOS batch (.BAT) programs to reassemble the segments and to cleanup.

"TEXTREV.EXE, (Ver 1.2) will reverse the lines in an ASCII text file to read from Right to Left. A 'mirror-image' TrueType font is included in the package which can be used to format a reversed file in MS-Word or other text-formatter to give true mirror-text.

"MYMUSIC.EXE is a simple Windows cataloguing program to help keep track of your various tapes and discs. Later versions will, of course, have more facilities. (91 KB)

"GEOCLOCK.EXE, Gives a pretty window with up to 16 clocks showing the time of day in different cities of the world. Cities can be selected and new ones added easily and the wallpaper changed.

"CASHBOOK.EXE (Ver 1.5) This is just a simple cashbook. You can have many different accounts to which you just credit or debit items and CashBook keeps a running total for you. Just right for the kids' pocket money! Version 1.5 holds up to 250 entries per book.
Click here

A newsgroup post. Mac material snipped......

11 March 1997 NEW!! Starting 11 March, we're featuring a new pack or jewel for both Mac and PC platforms daily! Check out over 100,000 searchable and browsable titles in The File Mine (http://www.filemine.com). Here’s what’s new this week come on over and dig our downloads!

PC Jewels:
**NEW**LiveImage 1.12 - Client-Side Imagemap creation in minutes
**NEW**JFAX Personal Communicator 97 - send/ receive faxes and listen to
voice mail on your PC
**NEW**007 - Password protection for your sensitive executable files
*Pirch IRC Client
*Microsoft Publisher 97
*Cyber Patrol 3.0
*HomeWise 3.2
*HyperSnap 2.7.9
*Paint Shop Pro 4.12

PC Packs:
**NEW**Tax Helpers Pack - get ready for April 15 with out group of tax
assistance helpers
**NEW**St. Patrick’s Day Pack - you'll find the pot of gold with this
cool little pack of holiday fun!
*Netscape Browser Plug-ins Pack
*Microsoft Web Creation Pack
*PC Game Demo Pack
*Windows 95 Survival Pack
*Windows 95 Webmaster Pack
*Windows 95 Elementary Kids Pack
*Windows Home and Entertainment Pack
*Windows 95 Small Business Pack
*Windows 95 Multimedia Pack
*Valentine’s Sweetheart Pack

The File Mine is your newest source for the best shareware, freeware and
commercial demos on the web.  Keep your own personal download list of
titles that strike your fancy as you explore the mine.

File Mine -- Dig our downloads.
Have Fun!

Kerry Krueger
Associate Producer of TechWeb
 Click here

 Business & Technical Software for PC compatible computers:

 PLOTTER v8.1 - http://members.aol.com/wellscom/plotter.htm
 A scientific data plotting and analysis program. Features
 include a full screen Data Editor, Curve Fitting, Fast
 Fourier Transforms and Digital Filtering. Uses ASCII data
 files. Plot screens can printed, or saved to disk in PCX
 format. Mouse supported. On-line instructions. MS-DOS.

 PCDESK v6.4 - http://members.aol.com/wellscom/pcdesk.htm
 Generate Monthly Calendars, Daily Planners and a Weekly
 Schedule to which you can add Memo Notes. You can also
 maintain multiple Address Book data bases. Selectable
 screen colors. Full mouse and printer support. On-line
 instructions. MS-DOS.

 FMAN v1.3 - http://members.aol.com/wellscom/fman.htm
 A handy File Manager that lets you maintain Descriptive
 Directory Listings to overcome the DOS 8-plus-3 naming
 convention. Features include Copy, Move, Delete, File Search,
 Directory Sort. You can Run executable programs with command
 line parameters, and View text files. User selectable screen
 colors. MS-DOS.

 READ v3.8 - http://members.aol.com/wellscom/read.htm
 A compact program for editing standard ASCII text files of
 virtually unlimited size. Includes a File Selection Menu, Word
 Wrap, Large Text Mode, Block Editing, Search and Replace,
 Mouse and Printer Support and On-Line Help. Many program
 features can be customized. MS-DOS.

 You can view screen shots and download the latest evaluation
 versions at my web page. You'll also find Links to many top
 Software sites on the Web.

 Robert Lindsay Wells ++ WellsCom@aol.com
 +++ http://members.aol.com/wellscom/ +++

I have uploaded to Simtel.Net:

ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/win95/txtutl/qspell11.zip  3171622 bytes

qspell11.zip    QuickSpell: Desktop spell checking utility

QuickSpell v1.10 is a unique spell checking utility that seamlessly
integrates with nearly every application on your desktop.  QuickSpell
monitors the keyboard as you type and checks your spelling on the fly.

No development or integration is needed.  Just install QuickSpell and all
of your applications get spell checking immediately.  Now you can spell
check html forms, edit boxes, dialogs, word processing applications, and
much more.

A live indicator will display near the window cursor indicating whether
the current word is spelled correctly or not.  Press +S for an
instant list of suggestions in a popup menu.  Or, Press +R to
replace the word with the best candidate.

Special requirements: Windows 95/98/NT.

Changes: Additional language support, custom dictionary support,
         enable/ disable QuickSpell on a per application basis, user
         interface enhancements.

qspell11.zip has replaced qkspell.zip.

Shareware.  Uploaded by the author.

Bob Taylor, Fornada Software

Someone's top ten list. (June 98)
Announcement: Visit http://www.mrbo.com

For Tons of Free Stuff, Check Back Often
As We Add More Free Stuff Every Week.

Free Ads, Free Links, Free Software,
Free Web Site Building Tools, Free Jokes,
Free Shopping Club, Free Business Resources,
Free Business+ Almost Free Business,
Free Slide Show and
Places that submit your site for FREE!
And a ton more FREE Stuff!
What do you have to lose ... it's FREE!

1.  Window Washer (http://www.webroot.com/wwinstall.exe)

2.. Cache and Cookie Washer for IE4

3.  PREP! for A+ (http://www.bcpl.net/~jthorsse/prepplus.exe)

4.  WinGuardian (http://www.webroot.com/wgb091.exe)

5.  Red Alchemist Pro (http://holycow.simplenet.com/raprel4.exe)

6.  Final Approach (http://home.sl.lu/finalapproach/web/finala.zip)

7.  ThumbNailer (http://www.pagesz.net/~chrisdl/zips/thumb4.zip)

8.  Cache and Cookie Washer for Netscape 4

9.  Dragons (http://www.heuse.com/dragons.exe)

10. Servers Alive (http://www.cmconline.com/salive/salive.exe)

A collection of FREEWARE and shareware WINDOWS TrueType fonts:

http://www.soib.com/ef/ (Included 'how to make a font'.. but not found, 5-99)


Alphabet Soup


Internet Reminders 1.0 - INTERNET ORGANISER

                                 STANDALONE GRAPHIC UTILITIES





Download Manager - DOWNLOAD MANAGER !!

N E W S  'N'  U P D A T E S
	eAuthor/Site 1.1 Preview 2
	Easy Money 1.5
	Pagan Daybook II
	Graphic Workshop
	ThumbsPlus version 3.0g2.
	PhoneBook95 version 2.5

I don't have a boring guest book but you can

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