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I am interested in information about Thomas Lunham Boyd, born in Cork, Ireland, 1849. Also siblings or parents:

Brothers: John James Boyd
.........Robert William Boyd
.................and Ettie, wife of above)
Sisters: Jessie Smith Boyd (That could be Jessie Boyd, married Smith)
.........Rachel, Married Henry Hunt
Grandson: Gordon Boyd

Also interested in...
Oliver Boyd, Cork, Ireland trader c.1860
Rebecca Gwendoline Boyd b 1891
Douglas Stewart Boyd b 1887
Colin Ainslie Boyd b 1885
Leslie Cameron Boyd b 1883
Mary Olive Boyd b 1875

If you are interested in any of the following families, we may be related, and you may be interested in the information I have compiled at my polished Family History page. (Some information back to 1600s)

My grandmother compiled three pages of info on relatives of General John Glover, Marblehead, 1732 - 1797. About 40 names, one c.1577 Other surnames (All pre-c.1800): Gale, Norman, Pedrick, Martin, Bacon, Browne, Knott, Henderson, Maverick, Flint, Allerton, Guppy

One of the major free sources is the huge database at ===
A bunch of good looking links at

At 2/14 saying they've been serving the community for 17 years. I don't use often, but believe they are genuine: Cyndi's List

"The Irish Ancestral Research Association":

[tkb: next wouldn't load when I tried it 3/5/97] "Swift Guide to Ireland" - Irish Genealogy: The "Irish National Archives" , and similar resources for other groups... ==== Information on Ireland, incl family history material === An excellent site for Irish Genealogy is the TIARA site with its multiple links all over. Make sure to check each link- you can go to heritage centers, libraries, newspapers, newsgroups, etc. Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Pauline === WWW: There are powerful WWW searching systems for the soc.genealogy.surnames archives which may help. Here are URLs for an online archives of soc.genealogy.surnames: URL: Brief introductions to using the latter system may be found at: URL: [tkb hasn't tried...->] URL: These WWW archives are updated weekly, on the first, seventh, fourteenth, twenty-first and twenty-eighth of each month. E-mail: A system for searching and retrieving individual messages, rather than potentially enormous weekly log files, has recently been re-introduced by the LISTSERV authors. An introduction to this system can be retrieved by sending mail to with the following text in the message body: GET GENNAM-L/FAQ.ARCHIVES Note that this command must go in the body of your message, not in the subject line! The subject line will be ignored by the LISTSERV system. Regards, Tim Pierce soc.genealogy.surnames moderator-in-chief === I have a street name that I need someone to confirm or correct. My great grandparents, John Donovan & Hannah Brennan (nee Carroll) were married in Cork on Oct. 20, 1866 at SS. Peter & Paul Church. Their addresses are listed as 7 & 8 Fishamille Lane. At least that is how I read it in the record. Was there a Fishamille Lane? I usually check maps on my own but I can't seem to find a detailed Cork map here in N.Y. Brian Wickham === Would you like to search for your ancestors and relatives surnames online right now?. Well, you can, at my homepage where there are links to over 125 individual surname searchable databases in Europe, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, United States, New Zealand & Australia. The links are to such databases as ships passenger lists censuses government databases private surname lists There are many other links including a volunteer's register where you can request a volunteer to assist you in another country with your search as well as many countries phone directories online. I hope you find this information helpful in your genealogy research, good luck Ian
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