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A great magazine for hobbyists

I've had a lot of fun, learned a lot of electronics from the British magazine Everyday with Practical Electronics. The articles by Robert Penfold have hit my interests especially well.


It has been a while since I worked on the rest of this page. Apologies if your find obsolete links.

A simple eprom emulator circuit & DOS software can be found at http://fly.hiwaay.net/~jfrohwei/circuit/home.html

Info on the 8255 PPI PC Interface card circuit provided at Paul's site. This circuit is a tutorial on building an interface card. This card plugs into the motherbus slot on a PC. It provide 24 lines of digital input and output.

This tutorial includes schematics, black and white photos highlighting construction tips, parts source/list and QBasic source code to teach the fundamentals of programming the card.

It is relatively easy to interface an Analog-to-Digital converter (e.g. Nat Semi ADC0848) and a LM34 temperature sensor sensor.

Someone asked in the newsgroups about reading keyboards. The following were posted....

Tom's (Not Tom Boyd, this page's editor) set of links for keyboards, etc

Also, Ed Nisley wrote a good article about PC keyboards in Circuit Cellar Ink. June 1995, Issue 59. Download ff59.zip.

Another suggestion was to visit National semiconductors's web page and search on super I/O. these super i/o devices interface to many of the PC's peripheral devices, keyboard, mice, IDe ..., and may have the answer your looking for or at least a starting point.

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