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Memorial to a fine source of 1-Wire (aka MicroLan) related hardware

May 2016....

For what seems like a very long time, I bought good small PCBs and similar from Eric Vickery, who ran

Sadly, the day came when he decided he didn't want to spend his time that way. He gave all his customers good warning, but, in April 2016, he closed the shop, and we are all the poorer for his decision... but I think the many years of great products, great service are a case of the glass being much more than half full... Thank you, Eric!

Running the store was probably a lot of hassle, and not a lot of reward.

The rest of this page indicates some of what he used to sell.... I'm not aware of anyone taking over his designs. If you can tell me where they, or equivalents, can be obtained today, I will be very pleased if you contact me! I will investigate suggestions, and if they seem good, add them to my page of sources of 1-Wire stuff.

What used to be available from Eric Vickery's Hobby Boards.....

Eric sold bare boards, kits, and (sometimes) assembled modules. He took care not to exclude the hobbyists and educators among us.

He had counters, PIR sensors, barometers, humidity sensors (air and soil), etc! (Some are inherited designs.)

Just before saying more, a quick diversion: I have produced a free DLL which lets you easily access the Hobby Boards Mini Motion detector (or any other DS2405 based sensor) from any serious language. The zip archive has further explanations for you.

These were some of the Hobby Boards products. First is the part number, then description, then bare board price, then kit price, and then price for assembled module. Note that some were only available except as bare boards at May 2004 but that is not a static situation. Check his site.

DC2-R1 Dual Counter $3.00 $26.00   Guide to construction from Sheepdog Software
MMD1-R1 Mini Motion Detector $3.00 $25.00   Guide to construction from Sheepdog Software. Also: Software for it.
HT2-R1 Humidity / Temperature $4.50 $47.00
BB4-R2 Bray Barometer $10.00 $57.00 (See below)
LD3-R1 Lightning Detector $7.00 $29.50
SR2-R1 Solar Radiation $3.00 $19.50
4R1-R1 Relay $14.50 $43.00
LCD1-R1 LCD Driver $7.50 $29.00 / $45.50
HVAC1-R1 HVAC Monitor $6.50 $26.00
MM1-R1 Moisture Meter $5.00 $22.00
LWS1-R1 Leaf Wetness Sensor $3.00 n/a... at May 2004... check site for latest news!
GSS1-R2 Gypsum Soil Sensor $3.00 n/a... at May 2004... check site for latest news!

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