Builders, calibrators for Barometer and Hub kits

This information is of use only to readers of the Dallas Weather mailinglist. It lists some people willing to help with building and/ or calibrating the barometer and hub kits which were a major project of Alan Heaberlin and others in 2002.

Please remember that these people are doing you a favor. They can't drop everything to do your assembly for you Right Now.

Calibration is tricky. Unless the builder explicitly says he/ she will calibrate, please assume that calibration will not be done, or will be only rough. In any case, I doubt the builder can calibrate for your altitude unless he is there. BUT: DO YOU NEED calibration for your altitude? In a perfect world it would be nice, but aren't you really mostly interested in relative pressures, i.e., is the pressure rising or falling? Higher or lower than that big event last week?

New assemblers would be very welcome, just email me (Here is how you can contact this page's editor. ) with what you want as your listing.

CALIBRATORS would be welcome, i.e. people willing to calibrate assembled units. Again, just send me what you want posted. It might be an idea to include your altitude, and (forgive me if the thought is ignorant) a comment on whether you can calibrate for other altitudes.

In either case, guidance on cost would be welcome. Also, if you are contacted by someone wanting help, I'd suggest responding with something along the lines of "Even if your kit arrived NOW, there would be x units waiting in line ahead of yours. I'm able to do about y per week."

PLEASE: No whiners. If you are unhappy with your experience with one of the builders, that's between you and him, please. This is the internet. Surfer beware.

Builders follow, in no particular order.

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Please ask yourself "How many people need to know this?" before putting anything on the weather list. If it isn't of general interest, please write your intended audience directly? I can't be the only person feeling this, given the number of "contact me off list" comments in the submissions that follow.

Happy Weather!

Tom Boyd

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------------------- Listings begin --------------

From: Howard D. Lyons, Sr.
Email address for following person, disguised (see preface): [[ndWEATHER-tur
Date: 20 Aug 2002

Need help assembling and/ or soldering the new Hub / Baro ?

I can help with a few of them--51 year as a ham, 26 year as an elect.
tech, former owner/ operator of a manufacturing company.

I can also do calibrations.

Send me an e-mail off-list and we'll see what can be worked out.
Howard Lyons
Minot, ND  USA

From: C. Dennis Jones
Email address for following person, disguised (see preface): [[dennisMICROLAN
Subject: [weather] Building the Barometer or Hub
Date: 20 Aug 2002

I'll be happy to build the Barometer or Hub for anyone that needs it.  I'm
in the Charlotte, NC area.  Contact me off list. I'm also interested in buying any kits that you have, but no longer want.

From: Rich, KE4GNK
Email address for following person, disguised (see preface): [[rkrum

My situation at August 29, 2002 is as follows:
I am located in Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

I have received both of my kits from Alan. I expect that it will take about
another 2-3 weeks to build the prototype, test, and fine calibrate for my
station altitude, which is about 944FT above MSL.

I do not have a good method of modifying the HUB hammond box as yet, may
not need it for my installation, and therefore do not plan to offer
mechanical modifications for the box.

I do not plan to commit to building for others until I can assure myself
that a quality, reliable product can be generated with the facilities I
have. I am a highly-skilled engineer, with excellent soldering abilities
to Mil-spec and best commercial practice, but surface mount components are
a bit small for my current tools.

Calibration for completed kits for use at other altitudes would be based
upon using the initial potentiometer settings from the published
calibration software tool, and would not be guaranteed to be accurate at
the user's elevation without further analysis and fine adjustment according
to the published build and calibrate data.  I will not be providing an
extra calibration tool.

Cost for building each kit is $15.00, including return shipping via US
priority mail to CONUS addresses. Other shipping methods would be extra.

Turnaround time would be about 2-3 weeks due to a currently heavy workload
at work and home.  Potential work travel may impact this schedule.

Understand that the prime emphasis I have is on quality and reliability of
the build process, and that will require enough time to assemble,
thoroughly clean, and test the boards. The components and boards appear to
be of very high quality and very well laid out.

Hope that answers most of your questions. Feel free to correspond further
with me at the knology e-mail address.

--Rich, KE4GNK

From: Ray Dzek
Email address for following person, disguised (see preface): [[rd
Subject: Re: [weather] Soldering Help
Date: 20 Aug 2002

What the heck... I didn't even order a kit, but I do know which end of a soldering iron is which.

I'm in the San Jose, CA area.  I can solder it up, but you are on your own to calibrate it.

Contact me off list please.

From: The Fullmers (Dave)
Email address for following person, disguised (see preface): [[fullMICROLANmer4
Subject: Re: [weather] BP/Hub project--Call for builders
Date: 20 Aug 2002

As Alan has requested, I am posting my name as one who would be
willing to help out with the building of the BP/Hub kits.  I am in the
Seattle area, and check my email at least once a day.  So please let me
know if you'd like a hand putting one of these together (via this email
address) and I'll forward my home phone so we can talk about it.  I have
ordered one of the BP kits (but haven't received it yet) , so that's
what I'll have practice building.  If you'd like me to lend a hand with
the Hub, I'm willing to do that too -- but someone is going to have to
be brave enough to be the first one :-)!!

                - Dave -
From: lostbowyer (Glenn Skinner)
Email address for following person, disguised (see preface): [[lostMICROLANbowyer
Subject: [weather] RE: kit builders
Date: 21 Aug 2002

I've built several baro boards, and I have two hub kits I'm going to
practice with. I live in Stow Massachusetts, if anyone needs assistance
contact me off line.
Glenn Skinner

From: jim lange
Email address for following person, disguised (see preface): [[jlange
Subject: Re: [weather] BP/Hub project--Call for builders

Date: 20 Aug 2002

I'm in central New Jersey if anyone needs help with their kits. Contact me off list if you are interested in assistance.


From: Ron Kolarik
Email address for following person, disguised (see preface): [[rkolarik
Subject: [weather] Soldering help
Date: 20 Aug 2002

I can also help with the assembly of the hub-baro boards.
Located in SE Nebraska.

Ron  K0IDT

From: Thomas Nolan
Email address for following person, disguised (see preface): [[Tho
Date: 3 Oct 2002

Happy to build hubs or barometers for residents of Canada. Can also do basic calibration.

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