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Leslie Cameron Boyd

The full story is told in the page this is subordinate to, but in April 2011, after many years of near fruitless searching for information, I was able to change my knowledge of my great grandfather's nephew from not much more than an name and an approximate date of birth, plus some census hits into a much richer picture. All thanks to the kindness of an unrelated stranger.

Les, as he was known, is on the right in the photo below....

Photo of Leslie Cameron Boyd

That photo, and others, and the many things I now know about my great grandfather's nephew come from a granddaughter of the man on the left, William Sword Harrison, known as Billy. Les and Billy, were, I gather, good friends. Billy named a son (born 1923) after Les. Billy and Les were keen swimmers, in the Newcastle (England) area.

The granddaughter, my contemporary, writes "There does not ever seem to have been any mention of any love interest in Les' life, although I note the marriage in North East Surrey of an L C Boyd in the 1930s which might be worth checking, just in case there is some story there."

I have barely scratched the surface here of the wonderful information this kind lady provided to me. I very much hope to come back to this page, improve it one day.

For now, I hope it will encourage any reader who is frustrated by "failed" family history researches. Get the information you have out on the web... and watch your email box expectantly. But be patient.

Where Leslie Cameron Boyd fits into the tree

Robert Andrew Boyd, b. about 1815, d. 17 Jul 1869 (Walthamstow, near London. Sugar refiner)....
... married....
Mary Lunham, b. 11 Dec 1818, Swinton, Berwickshire, d. 27 Mar 1894 in southern England

RA Boyd and Mary, nee Lunham, had numerous children, among them my great grandfather, Thomas Lunham Boyd, b. 16 Dec 1849, d. 7 Oct 1931 and John James Boyd, b. about 1847, d. 26 Nov 1931... funny... I never noticed until now how close their dates of death were. I believe one (TLB) was in Italy and the other in England at the time, so just coincidence?... anyway...

John James Boyd married Rebecca Mace, about whom I don't know a lot. Born Bow, Middlesex (London) about 1848, d. aft 1900. Had ten children, one of them Leslie Cameron Boyd, the subject of this page.

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