Old New England Names

I have a huge family tree from Ten Generations in New England, by the New England Historical and Geneological Society, published 1884

In the following, I list the family names involved. The first item on each line is a family name, followed by placename(s). As far as I can tell, the placenames are New England, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, etc.

The names are those at the tops of branches of the tree I have. From ONE family, it would appear that these people were born ABOUT 1600. In some cases, the first names I've listed come from later generations, older names not being available.

If you think the tree I have would be of use to you, please send an email with your postal address and some of the first names that should appear in the 1600-1900 period, or marriages you know about, and I'll send the information to you by snailmail. (No, I am not planning to pass your address on the the junk mail people!) If there seems to be a match, I'll send the 4 pages of photocopy. Simple text only emails, please. By "snailmail", I mean "ordinary", ink-on-paper, with stamps, mail, as used in, say 1960.

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Waite, b. 1608, Watertown (Richard)
Cutler, Watertown
Merriam, Concord, Lexington
Wellington, Watertown
Palsgrave, Charlestown
Swoetman, Cambridge
Morse, Ipswich, Watertown
Pierce, Watertown
Shattuck, Watertown
Wolcott, Salem, Newbury, Brookfield
Thurlow, Newbury
Emerson, Ipswich
Walker, Charleston, Brookfield
Taylor, Boston
Jenks, Lynn, Providence
Ballard, Lynn, Andover
Sprague, Charlestown, Hingham, Providence
Eames, Charlestown, Hingham, Providence
Holbrook, Weymouth, Scituate
Pitts, Hingham
Winsor, Providence
Williams, Plymouth, Salem, Providence
Harding, Boston, Providence
Johnson, Roxbury, Woodstock, Brookfield (John begat Isacc begat Nathaniel, etc)
Porter, Roxbury
Smith, Dorchester (John begat Lawrence)
Miller, Rowley, Middletown-CT (Thomas begat Sarah)
Nettleton, Branford, Milford-CT
Parker, Boston, Brookline
Eliot, Boston
Hemenway, Roxbury
Hewes, Dorchester
Trescott, Dorchester
Dyer, Dorchester
Davenport, Salem, Boston, Bridgewater, Shrewsbury
Hathorne, Salem
Watkins, Boston
Newcomb, Braintree
Wyman, Woburn
Read, Woburn
Hancock, Cambridge
Prentice, Cambridge
Totman, Roxbury, Plymouth, Scituate
Parker, Roxbury, Scituate
Rawlings, Roxbury, Scituate
Stoddard, Boston
Eire, Boston, Watertown
Rose, Scituate, Marshfield
Bompas, Marshfield
Ford, Marshfield
Snow, Marshfield
Warren, Plymouth
Turner, Scituate
Gainor, Scituate
Brewster, Plymouth
Hawkins, Boston, Scituate
Starr, Cambridge, Duxbury, New London
Brewster, Plymouth
Morgan, Roxbury, Groton, Ct
Hill, Roxbury, New London
Vine, New London
Dennis, Marblehead, Boston
Charles, Marblehead, Boston (Mary)
Pitman, Marblehead, Boston
Shapleigh, Charlestown
Devereux, Marblehad, Salem
Hooper, Marblehead
Fletcher, Marblehead (Robert begat Henry)
Collins, Lynn (Henry begat John begat Mary)
Johnson, Lynn (Richard begat Abigail)
Champney, Marblehead, Muscongus, Pemaquid
Ingalls, Marblehead, Lynn
Harker, Lynn
Hendley, Marblehead, Boston
Thompson, Boston (David begat Sarah)
Lane, Marblehead, Winter Harbour, Newbury
Davison, Newbury, Charlestown (Nicholas began Daniel begat Joanna)
Coffin, Dover, Newbury
Starbuck, Dover
Leach, Marblehead, Beverly, Salem
Fuller, Salem
Flint, Salem
Rea, Salem, Plymough
Waters, Salem (Sarah)
Peabody, Topsfield, Hampton, Duxbury (John begat Francis begat Hepzibah)
Forster, Ipswich (Reginald)
Woodbury, Beverly, Salem
Dodge, Salem
Herrick, Beverly, Salem
Waite, Marblehead, Malden
Hills, Malden
Bucknam, Malden
Lynde, Malden, Charlestown
Tufts, Malden, Charlestown
Pierce, Charlestown (Thomas begat Mary)
Worth, Salisbury
Whipple, Ipswich
Sprague, Charlestown (Ralph begat John)
Corbin, Charlestown
Goffe, Cambridge
Broughton, Marblehead
Norman, Marlblehead, Salem
Flint, Salem
Maverick, Marblehead, Dorchester
Pedrick, Marblehead
Browne, Marblehead (William begat Mary)
Chinn, Marblehead
Martin, Marblehead, Charlestown
Northey, Marblehead
Knott, Marblehead
Devereux, Marblehead
Glover, Marblehead
Guppy, Salem
Henderson, Salem, Saco ME (John begat John begat Abigail)
Bayley, Saco (Probably ME also)
Bacon, Salem, Cambridge, Dedham (Michael begat Daniel begat Daniel)
Read, Salem (Thomas begat Mary)
Spencer, Lynn, Cambridge (Michael begat Suzanna)
King, Lynn (Daniel begat Daniel begat Hannah)
Walker, Lynn, Reading (Richard begat Tabitha)
Gale, Marblehead, Charlestown (Edmund begat Ambrose begat Benjamin)
Ward, Charlestown
Codnor, Marblehead
Bartoll, Marblehead
Stacey, Marblehead

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