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This is where things have gone.
*** OLD VERSIONS *** of many pages may remain at Arunet...
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I am in the midst of a major update of my webpages. I'm moving my Arunet pages from an old URL ( to new ones. ( and, mostly. and and others may also be involved.)

It is not fun! But eventually, it will give you httpS access to my pages. (Arunet can only offer http access. My pages do not ask you for your information, so it is academic... but some browsers, if set for it, lock people out of http pages. Sigh.)

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Family History/ Genealogy

At the moment, links on other pages for help with family history/ genealogy matters may bring you HERE, to my Arunet site. Sorry.

"boydhis1.htm" is the main "index" page to my material about those matters, but what I explain in the next paragraph applies equally to other history/ genealogy pages...

If, say, you wanted the boydhis1.htm page, what you need is the '' for my Boyd Family History information, that IS here at SkyWoof now! (It will open in a new page or tab. You do know you can set your browser to go there automatically when you open a new tab, don't you? It is a really convenient way of working!)

Helpful Hints

Some "Helpful Hints" pages... arranged in subject areas, and with material for multiple levels of expertise are available at Skywoof's sister-site: ("What You Want To Know").

They are broken up by topic, and by assumed prior knowledge.

The Arunet pages are now at ("What You Want To Know").

Hobbyist, DIY, and For-Schools Electronics

My pages attempting to make it easier for you to have fun with electronics are at They emigrated from my old Arunet site in September 2023. Apologies for any bad links... please alert me? (Be it electronics pages or any others!)

Maps- Make Your Own! Appreciate the admirable achievements of the map-makers in the past.

In September 23, my pages about maps, and how you can make maps were here briefly. Now... that might not sound too exciting... but give them a try? Or point any kids with a moderate supply of gumption at them? Or at least marvel at what people did on your behalf for many, many years?

The maps pages are now back at my 'maps' pages. ("wywtk" ??? What You Want To Know!).

Some books I've liked... you might like too!

Your best bet is, of course. But in the meantime...

I did a page of books I like to recommend to friends... either as "good reads", or as "useful".

Chichester, Sussex, England

Odds and ends you may find useful, if you are ever near Chichester, Sussex- local interest.

Computer Programming

Give it a try! Who knows... you may be one of the ones with the rare talent to be able to do it! Some material about programming, with links to more.

Freeware, Shareware Offers

Many years ago, I created some DOS(!) and Windowsfreeware and shareware. Much of it is now dated... but who knows, you might find something that you like, and which will still run. All are free to try, there's no "registering", etc. And some of it isn't SO ancient!

Java Run Time Engine

Some software... LibreOffice and OpenOffice, for example, if you wanted (once upon a time, anyway) NEEDED something called the "Java Run-time Package".

I've done a page about the Java Runtime Engine ('RTE'), and how to get it. It is, at least, free!


I am very much "the one eyed king", here. But if you want them...

A few thoughts about investing... in particular, about investing in the stock market.


An experienced Windows user's thoughts on migrating to Linux. (In a nutshell: It IS an option... but if you do serious work on your Windows machine, or an Apple, maybe buy a small laptop, ease into a Linux life gradually?

Many years ago... My Desk Piles...

Many years ago, I build a number of pages with brief mentions of things which had impressed me. I suspect there may be bad links in these pages, today... but if they amuse you, you are welcome to them!

My 'Desk piles'... collections of things I thought people might find useful..

Silhouette Art

I was lucky, years ago, to know a lovely man who also happened to be extraordinarily talented. I'm afraid that he probably no longer does commissions, but I hope the pages will still be interesting.

Search (or Put in Michael Pierce for author, The Few or The Many (two different searches) to see two of his creations.

The silhouette art of Michael Pierce.

Odds and ends.... some very odd!

In addition to the broad subjects discussed above, the Arunet site had the following "odds and ends". Pages with stuff I though might be useful to someone, but in almost every case, just a single page for any of them....

Misc advertisements for causes I felt worthy.

A discussion of 'viruses' (malware)... from long ago, but that doesn't mean that things discussed there are no longer relevant today!

"Spyware2- an essay about it when it was quite new. (A form of malware.).

A few 'whines' directed at firms or organizations I felt let down by.

Thoughts on eReaders, eBooks. And information about them. Food, I hope, for thought, if you are considering one. My answer today (9/23): A smartphone with FBReader ("Free Book Reader"... it LONG antedates a certain social media platform.) And books from

This may delight a geek who wants to do sensing and control (IoT stuff) with an Arduino. I have many such pages... but this was the only one at my old Arunet site.

My not very successful... some years before 2023... to implement a slider in a webpage. I wanted, say, to allow "before" and "after" to be compared by having two photos "on top of" one another, and the user would be able to slide a boundary left and right, exposing more or less of the photo "underneath", as took his/ her fancy.

A dated short essay about the marvel that is (was?) Summerhill School, founded by A.S. Neill, and run by his daughter in her turn..

And finally...

Probably no use to you at all... but just because I am an obsessive "complete-ist"...

The Arunet site also had the following pages. Copies exist in the folder, but they are unlikely to be of any use to you!

ctact.htm, index.htm, index.html (It just suggests that you go to "index.htm") and index2.htm.

Some of my pages will have links to my old pages at

http://, not httpS://

Your browser may not like to take you to them, depending on your security settings.

I applaud your caution if you won't go there. But as I ask for no information from you, is there much danger in using my http:// pages? I have been working in getting the pages moved to httpS pages for you, but it is a huge task.

A few words from the sponsors...

If you found this of interest, please mention in forums, give it a Facebook "like", or whatever. If you want more of this stuff: help!? There's not much point in me writing these things, if no one hears about them. Does anyone feel they are of any use? If YOU do- please spread the word!

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