For clients wishing to supply their own photographs

Part of the preliminary process required for accurate silhouette profiles involves taking reference photographs.

If, for any reason, it is not possible for subjects to visit the Chichester, the artist can work from photographs supplied by the client. Alternatively, home visits (throughout the UK) can be arranged. These photographs must, however, conform to the following requirements:

l. The subject should be standing against a plain background.

2. The subject must be facing PRECISELY at right angles to the camera.

3. The camera must be at the same horizontal level as the subject's ear or nose.

4. Ensure that the subject's head and shoulders almost fill the viewfinder.

5. The subject should not be smiling.

6. Take several photographs, with the subject facing both left and right.

Michael Pierce, Silhouette Miniaturist
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Prepayment is not expected. US dollars, UK pounds, all major credit cards accepted.

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